• strangestranger 11w

    He calls my words relatable,
    He think he feels my pain ,
    He poked my wound that was still tender ,
    I shrieked , and he thought its just a game.

    I wish I could make him understand ,
    what it feels to cry in vain ,
    to love isn't always fireworks ,
    you lose , the more you gain.

    Fresh stream of water appears before,
    old tears gets to dry again ,
    I try to slit it's throat in half ,
    but it tickles me like a shot of dopamine.

    The knots in my stomach have stretched so far ,
    that they start to bleed at a little strain ,
    My heart still flutters at the thought of him ,
    But I wonder if he feels the same ?

    He's blind to the bloodshot eyes of mine ,
    and stains of dried water in my veins ,
    he's deaf for the mute birds cry for help ?
    trying its hardest to break the cage .

    To love , isn't always a board of games ,
    the path is full of pain ,
    you have to keep pulling your nasty scabs ,
    to show him , your dried veins.



    Edit : Thank you so much for E.C ��☺️

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