• shreyah 8w

    This evening, winter sat right next to me and lamented over the atrocities it brings with its arrival. It whispered, how the people lying on streets at night forget to witness the morning sun, how the unafraid man with three overcoats runs to catch the city bus at 8, without fail and how the night sky gulps down the dusk, everyday with unsettled chaos.

    The basic idea behind this poem is survival. More often than not, I have come across people who are too reluctant to donate proper, wearable clothes to the poor street dwellers, irrespective of how stable their bank balance is! We encounter several deaths during winters because shivering feet couldn't manage to survive the cold storm that blew over.
    This poem of mine shall remain incomplete as long as it fails to reach the purpose, it is written for. Here, I would like to urge my fellow readers to atleast donate a single wearable cloth to anyone in need. Donate for fulfillment and not for fame. :)

    #mirage_poetry_contest @kin_jo

    29 Nov '21

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    Wrap me in summers,
    O winter of cardigans,
    Winds trespass tatters!

    Vexed streets, cold spines
    Bud, breed, bruise and die watching
    Rich bags and rich coins