• jeelpatel 16w


    Sunday, don't bake a bread, mix honey in flour
    With all reality-rats for food-necessity have it
    Let the lumps choke thou, by sweet blunt flavour
    You get dissolved, at past table for dinner date
    For, memories with distended belly kills thy hunger

    Chiffon and silk, gets itch holes in one wardrobe
    No lovers of same community, but of same karma
    So they shan't tear bodies, wrapped by eachother
    For, mutual understanding respects the diversity
    Friction and smooth bits, that's what love demands

    Garden grass hate to be the surface of fal(l)se(s)
    Where, louboutin crushes the roses mercilessly
    An impatient wind blow, washes remnants away
    How chocolate brown eyes of truth melt down
    All it creats is just a mirage, of perplexed existence

    Old sweater loses the scent, of once upon a time
    No longer winter sheds, the snowflakes in cracks
    December turns out to be synonym of heartquake
    Among the christmas bells, cold shivers scream
    They lost for what they'd fell for, in a graceful way

    How far kissogram will go, midst uncertain alleys
    Giver and recipient, adore those raw rough days
    When togetherness defeated an ache in autumn
    Now warm streets haunt, everytime they pass by
    For, familiar ghosts hide in busy crowds to trigger