• taetae_ 7w

    #wod #pastelpoetry #writersnetwork

    / V a l e n t i n e V a g a b o n d /

    let's get rejuvenated, dear love,
    in finest creams of crests and crusts
    on earth,
    while planting stars under clouds,
    rejoicing pristine dawns under moon.

    candles and lanterns lit,
    by the parsley hills,
    handmade stars pinned onto pastel roofs,
    for quardragesimal fest of prayers.

    beiges of shores and scarlets of sun,
    nebula of sky and turquoise of hills,
    towns with no doors or thieves,

    under cain colored roof of aurora,
    easter eggs blooming in shadows of love.
    exchanging energies,
    from gibbous to crescent,
    let's stay together in the soop.


    (soop = forest in Korean)

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