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    (Part 03: Seeking the hidden)

    *appears in Miraquill after many days just like Taylor Swift gets up from her grave in "Look What You Made Me Do"*

    Soo, when you all literally felt I had forgotten about the challenge, I'm here, coming out like a demon XD

    This post is being posted half-heartedly, since the tour for Karnataka which was planned for the prompt has been cancelled due to the host's health issues.

    *receives all the bouquets, just in case someone gives*
    *listens to "Soon You'll Get Better" and gets calm*

    As you all have known, the participants have been reviewed and scored by our FOUR lovely judges, who definitely deserve all of the love and appreciation.

    But whom will you exactly appreciate? XD

    ~ So, all you have to do is guess the four judges' USERNAMES and mention them in the comments box. Please do not tag them, since I'll be sued if they do not turn out to be in the jury panel.

    ~ Clue 1: One of them is a gentleman and one of them is a lady for sure.
    ~ Clue 2: All of their usernames might or might not have a "p" in common, but have English alphabet letters for sure.
    ~ Clue 3: They are the judges of the challenge.
    ~ Clue 4: They are all Miraquilleans.
    ~ Clue 5: One of the judges is unexpected and surprising.

    *Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you're in my head? Cz I know that it's delicate*
    (swifties meanwhile get angry on me for dropping the most important clues)

    ~ Everyone is free to comment.

    ~ Whoever manages to guess the names of three or more (lol) judges correct, will be given my favourite book virtually.

    Hurrayyyyy!! Let me laugh and enjoy now ��

    P.S: Too many TS references since I'm listening only to her since a month. Queen <3

    #skpc #smk_avaap_ch

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