• i_faha 7w

    Looking for a new home to crash. Any leads are welcome.

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    I don't know what I came in looking for, but I did find a lot of sadness, when I found nothing. Did I never live here? Why is nothing familiar then, why doesn't anything smell like home?

    Swarms of strangers lay stacked high on the same couch where I lounged once upon a time. Take a seat, you say. There's a lot of space but no place in here, anymore.

    I feel an unsettling discomfort filling in my chest. I need some air but settle for smoke. I head to the restroom to borrow a few whiffs in peace. There's a black lacy underwear on the hook behind the door. I don't recognize it. It looks expensive. I don't know why but I sniff it a little. It smells like it belongs to a gorgeous woman.

    Now, there's a fish bone stuck in my throat and I can't gulp it away. I shove a finger down my throat to nudge the sharp thing down, wash it down with water straight out of the faucet and rush out into the balcony. It's a starless night. My plant babies have grown lush and long in my absence. Perhaps, they never needed me either.

    I climb over the balcony walls and perch myself on the balustrade, swinging my legs mid air. It's quiet in here. Cosy and liberating. There's a gentle breeze blowing, yet I reach out for some more air from my purse.

    There's hooting and hollering, and cackles of laughter coming from within the room. I wish I could mute these shiny noises in my head. Behind me, there's a party raging in my own home. Perhaps, I'm just an uninvited guest. Perhaps, I always was. Perhaps, it was never my home, just a stranger's benevolent walls, that let me crash in for a night.