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    Gifting the most beautiful song, to the most beautiful soul. (Again :')

    //Aisa dekha nahi khoob-soorat koyi
    Jism jaise ajanta ki moorat koyi
    Jism jaise nigaahon pai jaadu koyi
    Jism naghmah koyi
    Jism khush-bu koyi
    Jism jaise mahakti hui chaandani
    Jism jaise machalti hui raagini
    Jism jaise kih khilta hua ik chaman
    Jism jaise kih sooraj ki pahli kiran//

    Dear Sadiah,
    You're an epitome of beauty, that RFAK describes in Aafreen Aafreen for 6 minutes and 45 seconds.
    Every vein in your poetic flesh, flows purity as metaphors, and rythms like blood.
    You possess a beauty, rare to find and miraculous to accept. The beauty of your heart.
    It is your heart which makes you glow, like the orb of the night. Perfectly flawed. Imperfectly ethereal.
    It is your heart, which sometimes, delineates you as a garden of daphnes.
    It is your heart, which smells like the first ray of hope, after a lone night.

    //Chehra ik phool ki tarah shaadaab hai
    Chehra us ka hai ya koyi mahtaab hai
    Chehra jaise ghazal chehra jaan-e ghazal
    Chehra jaise tasawwur bhi tasweer bhi//

    You don't only exist as a human. But a breathing poetry. Raw and beautiful.
    You exist like a sunflower, blooming an eternal hope.
    And sometimes, like the sunsets. For, your smile paints happiness and warmth upon everyone's skies.
    And everytime you hold a quill with delicacy, even the ink spills the innocence of your existence.
    And your eyes, where your poetries reside perfectly. For, when your heart drowns in happiness or drenches some pain, you cry metaphors.
    On a moonless night, you'll find how the cosmos of your eyes gleam and the crevices of your face accompanies darkness, only to light it up.
    The crevices, which conceal the anecdotes of how you've brewed tears into laughters and pain into proses.
    And togther, every atom existing for you, makes you the 8th wonder.
    But maybe, it is him, the eternal, who has made you with utter patience, care and love, that no one can ever praise you and him enough.

    //Husn-e jaanaan ki ta'reef mumkin nahi
    Aafreen aafreen
    Aafreen aafreen


    @daphnae I know you like this song. Who doesn't?❤
    Ps: writersnetwork too admits and adores your beauty :')
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    "I buried it last moonless night:
    The happiness you search in me today"