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    "Abhi is getting secretive day by day, Adi. I'm worried about him."
    "So talk to him, instead of hanging out with me, all the time."
    "We're upto something, i have to be with you."
    "Then stop overthinking, he loves you. I know it. Though it's true his energy has been on downside since yesterday."
    "He didn't even kiss me back, this morning. I don't know what had i did wrong?"
    "You should stop being with me, Kritika. It's killing him inside."
    "But i want to be with you, why are you making it so.."
    "You can't have two persons at a time, Kritika. Why don't you understand this!"
    "Why are you yelling, Aditya?"
    "Because i don't want you to lose Abhinav. Stop doing whatever this shit is. I am better alone. I don't need your company or your sympathy. I'll manage myself, like I've been doing. You need someone. So better go with him. He's the right man for you. He has always been there for you."

    Kritika listened up patiently. She understood that Aditya was upset. She secretly enjoyed this. It's always good to see people losing their calm just to make sure that you're safe and protected. She move forward and hugged him tightly. He resisted her, and stepped back. She felt sad, and was about to leave, when he held her by hand, and took her in his arms.

    "I'm just worried about you, Kritika."
    "I know, Adi. I'm fine. I'll be fine. You know why?"
    "Because you've me! You'll always have me."

    Abhinav asked for an early leave that day. His eyes look sad, that's why, Aditya tried to ask him what's running in his head. He resisted answering anything, and later said, "I know I'm not fine, but once i do this, I'll be fine, knowing my Kitten is safe and happy!" That line made Aditya ponder, deeply. What's he gonna do. He immediately made a call to Mr. Mehra and asked to keep an eye on him.


    Both, Kritika and Abhinav, entered late to their home. She was excited like hell, and he, the total opposite. She went straight to her room, and asked Abhinav to sleep in his room, for tonight. He agreed without any questioning. She was way too happy, to even think about him. Everything was happening as per her plan, and Aditya was taking her orders, like she was the king of his empire. It felt royal, coz it was. Her room lights were lit for most part of the night, and occasional giggles could be heard, if you stood closely to the door, like Abhinav.

    *Don't sign on any document, Abhinav brings to the table, without reading it properly.*
    Kritika was confused after reading this text from Aditya. She thought what was this about. Still she texted him back, *okay. I'll be leaving in an hour. Make sure everything is going according to our plan.*

    Within 15 minutes, another message beeped, *I'm very scared, thinking about Abhinav. Let's not do this to him.*
    Kritika was busy with her work, and found this texting hard. She texted him annoyingly, *Stop thinking about him, instead, think about me. You'll feel excited, Adi!*

    Abhinav knocked her door, and asked if she was coming down for breakfast. She couldn't come, so she denied. He told her that he wanted to get a document signed by her. She was suddenly reminded of Aditya's text, and asked him that she'd do that later in the evening. Abhinav sighed and left for the office. She finally took a sigh of relief!


    "Is everything ready?"
    "Believe me, Kritu, you're looking so pretty."
    "Thank you, Maa. It's a pleasure to see you after months. Your saree suits you."
    "I wish your dad was here."
    "Ohho, Mrs. Anjali. Let's not talk about our grief today. Our children are happy after so long. Moreover, Mr. Kapoor is like her dad too. And he's here right beside her. We are all a family, right Kritika?"
    "Always have been, Mum!"


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    The Best Man

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    It's always good to see people losing their calm just to make sure that you're safe and protected.