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    Its difficult but its possible to overcome the pain when you breakup with the person who you loved the most
    During breakup you wont feel like talking to anyone and if you talk you wont get the answers which you are expecting since you are still in love and it takes time to be able to fall out

    You feel like crying?
    Cry as much as possible because you will stop somewhere by your own since questions start popping up in your head and the first question would be
    "is it worth crying for the person who was not even loyal?"

    You feel like listening to sad songs?
    Listen to them but sing along as loud as you can since you will gradually develope a habit of singing which will surely help you to forget your past
    Keep music on loop

    Share your thoughts with the person whom you trust
    not easy to find right?
    But there are people specially the ones who grew up with you
    neighbour or friends
    I am certain that they are true because when they became your friends they did not inquire what benefit they would get if become friends as they were immatures

    Before falling in love what was your dream?
    Are you still following it?
    If not
    follow with all your heart and believe me success will touch your feet

    Everyone loves going shopping
    go and get yourself a new look
    admire yourself and pamper your cuteness

    Join gym because it will boost your confidence and you will surely start loving your body
    Within some months you will love to see the changes in yourself
    Stay blessed
    stay positive because there are people who love you more than your fake lover your parents are proud of you
    your niece and nephew who make your world a beautiful place your brother and sister care for you
    they take stand for you even if you fight with them
    Life is beautiful
    bless you.
    Loads of love

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    Do you think you live the most painful life after breaking up with person whom you loved? .
    If so, then have you ever thought how a mother feels when her son lies on the death bed struggling for his life, the son dies out of pain and mother becomes lifeless. Is it painful?
    A boy visits a brothel, sees a girl, falls in love and gets married to her, live lovingly and swimmingly together but one day the boy gets killed for an unknown reason but the society blames the girl whom he was married to, in their eyes she is still a prostitute, she already had a deep pain in her heart and society words are like bullets which are shot everyday on her soul, was that her fault when she was compelled to prostitution? Was she the reason she lost the love of her life? Doesn't she have a heart? Feelings? Sentiments? Emotions? I guess her story is not painful? What's your take on it?
    A baby girl is born, she is 1 day old and threw in the bin? Will she survive? Will she have food, parents love ever? Will she have dreams, desires or anything? Will she ever believe that love exists if she survives? .
    A man loses his family in the war, his wife, his children and saddest part was that one of his children had not learnt how to speak lost his life, the man of the family survived but he had to walk without legs? Is it possible? can he cry? If so, can you feel his pain? .
    If someone has broken your heart, don't think you can't survive, you are just injured, not murdered or killed, you have a beautiful life ahead, its totally up to you whether you want to heal yourself up or not?

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