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    I have been walking
    On undefined lines
    Trying to reign in
    My wild side
    Because the last time
    I tried to
    Colour outside the boxes
    They told me
    I wouldn't make it
    As an artist.

    You spot the
    Tiniest of gaps
    A 3 cm void
    That your paintbrush
    Won't reach
    And no matter
    How many splashes
    Of viridian you throw
    You never quite
    Manage to hit
    The bull's eye.

    Tragedy is often
    Just a tragedy
    No matter how
    Poetic it may sound
    In the cold
    Light of day
    And when you
    Walk on the lines
    For this long
    It takes only
    A slight push
    Or a whispered word
    To push you over
    The edge.

    - Avitaj

    @greypages_ @dopamine @nightwriter_i @accismus

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    "I pushed in the needle, and he became quiet. And it was all over. And I was alone. One day I'll be that sick"- Remy Hadley

    "I'll kill you. When the day comes, I'll do it. If you want me to"- Gregory House