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    OMG!!! It was totally unexpected. Thank you sm!❤ @miraquill you know what, you're just like a home to me where I return over and over again after every dejection or failure. I was literally so down and so over this life. You just brought a smile on my face.

    Thank you sm all the beautiful people for your kind wishes. Truly means a lot.

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    I have been growing hope in your backyard, where I sighed and lost my breath

    I have been growing hope in your backyard
    Where sombre skies shed tears out of melancholy
    When they see me whimpering on the ground
    And helplessly drowning in the tiny trickles of my emotions which are deeper than the ocean
    Where I see wreckages of my dreams falling from the sky like wilted flowers
    Where Everything seems blurry
    But I still carve my future magniloquently in the shape of my broken dreams
    on the colorless silence sitting under the shadow of my breath
    Interred I'm under the earth like a seed
    But I'll bloom and dance like dandelions again
    Because I have watered my carcass with my own blood and unfathomable pain
    It's just the start
    Not the end
    O howling wind!"
    Go and tell them fools who thought I'm tired and dead
    When the battlefield turned red.