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    27 March 2022 4.44 pm

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    Teacups of thought-tides

    How many monsoons do you hide betwixt those lashes that droop down to your dream ?
    How many moons have been erased by greyscaled gloomclouds from your sky of solace ?

    How long will you breathe by braiding solo sonnets into your tangled tranquility ?
    How long will you abscond this bluesome ballet of your life from beings of blurred hearts ?

    Why do you wear a worn smile over weeding worries to wade through woes of the world ?
    Why do you wave off warnings of a wretched past and speed through to sink with the sun ?

    What if dreams are not dreams but droplets of deja vu from the days of another parallel you ?
    What if the hues of all hearts are a muddled magenta and the shades of all blood are a riddled red ?

    When will those scarred symphonies find a melody to waltz into a surreal sundance ?
    When will these wilted and war-stained petals of life be resurrected into peace-painted daisies of love ?

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