• _farhat_iqbal_ 7w

    Silent Lake and Stagnant Boat

    Waving flags of foreign land
    Lake is broken in lap of boat
    Its bed with blood soaked sand
    Baked red algae everyday smote
    Sun is chasing day's time
    Shadows here longer than height
    Relationship of voices led to crime
    Distressed faces peeping out light
    Defiying breathes swirl in begger's style
    Debt of begging entangled in people
    Stagnant boat with rules hostile
    Ores rusted of equal skull
    Corpse of my own feelings
    Continous stumbling honour of land
    Taking refuge in the rested dealings
    Waves of disappointment do expand
    Supplicating hopes and disdain Accord
    Was this bloodshed mimickery or quest
    Every face here studded with deplore
    Better and confronting aftermath confessed
    Lake is silent with stagnant houseboats infested
    But on truth this time has rested