• pirateking 283w

    She speaks.

    Men have failed in their repeated attempts in defining love and have described it as undefinable but who are men if not rapists who have continually plundered this world while unconsciously referring to nature around them or the earth they are living on as ‘she’ . May be, if there was a greater justice above all which some call karma, then everyone would come under one single crime of being a rapist.  Some men hide under the masks of science and have spoken words which talk about how greater development is achieved but again, who are men if not empty vessels with words just to make some noise?  Words, which, seemingly, cut through anything but not Love! Some have described it to be the purest of emotions which when conquers man makes him as pure- dangerously pure- as dangerous as a man’s dream, the dreams which persist even after man’s death, the death which can carry with it anything but not a dream and definitely not love. Love and dream move together hidden inside the cavern of one’s heart under the grooves always being dormant, sometimes afraid and often angry of the man who forgets them for the universe as he is naive about what she(universe) wants, she who gives man whatever he wishes for but still doesn’t get from man what she craves for, the craving for a world of dreams and love which will end in peace and results in her bliss, the bliss which every word echoed by ‘LOVE’ or every spark ignited by a ‘DREAM’ generates, every ounce of which making her happier.