• _sahista_ 30w

    It is easy to debate,
    To fight and erase,
    Then to feel the things,
    And wait that everything will fall back to its own place...

    Why to waste tears?
    And show that you too have emotions,
    When simply you can manipulate,
    And hurt them just like they fucked with your brains...

    Why to play saint?
    And let go things,
    When deep inside you are angry,
    And want the revenge...

    The fire inside you burns every time,
    Either ignite it or burn your own soul,
    You have choices to decide,
    Make them pay for their deeds,
    Show them you are worthy of all the things,
    Don't argue or give the satisfaction that their words affects you,
    Instead build the castle and rule the kingdom,
    Make them the slave,
    That they are (society slaves)
    But never let down your position,
    Win the battle with the dignity which makes you better...

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    Fight with dignity