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    From the time I remember,
    I was confined to a room
    With colossal almanacs
    And enormous yearbooks,
    They never sparked any
    Interest in me, for I was
    A roguish kid who loved to
    Scribble very furiously
    On the floors; while no one
    Could sense the bud of Art
    Blossoming within me.
    ~I was still 9//

    It was a conundrum and
    Still is; how I landed up
    In a dark dusty art gallery
    With sculptures and idols,
    It was Eden for me and
    For those few aesthetes,
    I am still unknown why
    those wood- carved objects
    Brought sincere tears and
    And evoked ecstatic feelings,
    Nevertheless I heard some
    Negations echoing across
    The marble hall, it's obscene,
    Art has been befouled—
    Art has been adulterated
    ~I was mature at 15 and
    The adults befuddled me//

    The company of the elderly
    Gives me peace always; so I
    Hurried over to one who was
    Drawing some abstract lines;
    Reflection— the title was apt—
    An Abyss; dark as the blackhole
    Was staring back: What is it—
    I asked; and he responded—A Lie,
    It's your Ego; you are hurt and
    Yet you serve people's will,
    They push you to the depths
    Of unending pain; you Begin
    To realise that your act isn't
    A Stigma to the society nor
    To yourself; yet your beliefs
    Leave you So Far Away—
    Art is deep for thinkers
    Art is shallow for talkers,
    ~A 17 year old got the answer
    That she sought//

    Art is divine; art is immortal,
    Humans need art to survive,
    But humans cause it to perish,
    Art is tranquil and eternal—
    A simple tune that pleases
    Your mind irrespective of the
    Language and it's dialect is Art,
    We all are creators with a bit
    Of creativity hidden within us,
    As long as we recognise it;
    And use it in our speech—
    In the plainest possible form,
    Instead of disparaging words
    If only we could nurture it
    With appreciation— we would
    Surely hear the Far Cry of it
    ~An artist realises her value//

    //Artistes are lionized personages with an entrenched grip over their artistry; a mere piece of paper proffers creativity to their thirsty minds and in return they consign refined and eloquent pieces in the form suitable to the tastes of their beloved spectators//


    The reason why I wrote this is because I have always heard people condemn other artistes and their work while trying to place their favourite ones on a pedestal. BTS has dealt with it too. They became really popular after Dynamite, but that doesn't change the fact that before it happened, many people tried to defame them, making themselves sound uncultured. It's absolutely okay if you don't like a particular art form or the artist, but do respect them, if you can't appreciate them. Art is to be celebrated, and there won't be a better occasion to say this than today. Happy BTS day to all. Stay happy :)

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