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    ��alubrious; you are like a panacea for my pain,
    I was a nomad with broken bows and some
    splintered arrows; directionless and deserted,
    You showed me dreams I could never ascertain,
    We both shot those coruscating jewels of the
    moon– these stars paved our discrete pathways
    We mused together– now the present is in vain,
    I hide in crowded places yet I can hear your voice,
    In my dreams, we both fly across horizons,
    /When I open my eyes, the room's empty again/

    ��eenage seemed so unworried and surprising,
    But somewhere there has to be a balance—
    Between joy and sorrows; the scale may topple
    otherwise— every passing second was advising,
    Until I needed just a quiet place all for myself,
    I have said it a thousand times and still I say,
    / Even repitition seems like a blessing/
    I can win my battles, only when you rebuild
    my fort— of uncertainties; I run after dreams,
    Will you hold my hand if I fall while chasing?

    �� tale of us, parted by a bittersweet farewell
    But joined by some undelivered messages—
    They do a lot of magic in this 7G world,
    / I quietly cast a spell/
    A selfless one— to not let the clouds hide
    my Polaris, to let my star sparkle just for me,
    In a calm paradise—soon— we shall dwell
    I hope one eve—our sorrows would be dispelled,

    ��ears shall pass, we shall grow up; go far away,
    /Wherever you are, I know, you always stay/

    "Our tale won't end so abruptly, it will continue for ages till the river of verses penned by me for you, merges with the ocean of ballads, to form an eternal epic– which shall speak volumes about our eternal friendship"


    Stay is an upbeat song written for ARMYs by BTS wherein the members express their yearning to see their beloved fans, who have been their inspiration and their sole reason to follow their dreams. Although we live in different corners of the world; they know we are always going to stay with them, lend our support during their darkest phases and smile with them during their joyous moments. And that's what they assure us of– they won't be leaving us ever.

    The lyrics hit especially when you are missing the person closest to you, as there already so many who have abandoned you. You both will be choosing different roads in your life, and will eventually seperate, unwillingly most of the times. Even when you know that still nothing has changed between both of you, you will feel a sense of dysphoria; and then you comfort your aching heart by remembering the endless memories that you have created, and then cheer up again hoping to see that person, someday.

    There isn't a specific reason for me to love BTS. Maybe their words inspire me to compose literary pieces like the one above. Maybe they became role models for me, while at times they became my best friends whose laughter gave me joy and made me forget whatever I am going through. Maybe, they just stayed with me all the time through their tunes when there was no one else, and told me: You don't need people around you to make you feel as if you are in a crowd; you need them to be with you in your mind and their absence won't even matter to you. We are always there, so whenever you feel left out, visit us in our magic shop!

    A special thank you to @/lovenotes_from_carolyn for hosting this challenge. I purple you��

    PS: This is an extremely late submission, but I couldn't come up with anything suitable for the song, until today.

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