• childauthor_345 13w

    What is happiness ?

    When wn like , you get disappointed , and resenting speed of bullet train , " congratulations on editor's choice" appears .

    It is the last minute of writing on answersheet , now time is over , but , you're sitting on the last bench of the last row.

    The moment you're going to buy chocolates with dad , just a moment after a one sided slap - punch Match.

    You've asked for a glass of water , and your siblings has just given without any counter attack .

    You've been purchased for 15 crores and started being a turtle , and just realised that franchise can't kick you out now.

    Having your insta story seen by a celebrity (even by mistake) .

    You know , you're the greatest defaulter in the whole history of cracking jokes , but a sweet , historical , and beautiful person just wrote haha in comment section ( after that punchline/lines).