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    ~Towards The Abyss: Resfeber ~

    Aren't all of us humans trying to be
    Soliditary and insolent?
    Burying every single feeling–
    in graveyards; selcouth and dolent,
    It's dark; the winter has arrived,
    But by being darksome, O humans,
    What conclusions have we derived?

    Have we ever, just once, please–
    tried to gaze into those cavernous eyes,
    They share secrets, and treasure lies,
    Thy mirror– it won't show our inner beauty!
    Why don't we speak instead of–
    bottling all thoughts– sad and sour
    In just four teeny chambers?

    / The world is quiet, with no one to care and listen– we say,
    Have we yet perceived the meaning of this silence–
    do we ever stay?/

    In this irenic mood, in this quitetude,
    Let's heal those contusions of each other,
    In this silence, let's hear our heart beat,
    Let's remember some otiose moments,
    Let's enjoy and live together, for one another,

    Metanoia — let it rush through all the veins,
    The warmth of this apricity; let it douse
    our frozen tissues,
    Let's learn to give and sacrifice,
    For our all of mankind, for friends and
    even for a vice,

    // O humans!
    Unlike the honey bees, let us not sting and hurt,
    Let us not be prideful and curt,
    If the need arises— let us have a last breathe,
    While serving drops of honey like love//


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    (Happy Jin Day, Armies�� Abyss came out and this is what I thought of while listening to him)

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