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    @amulyafreelancerr Happy Happy Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!!!!!!�������������� Yayyy I'm so happy♥️♥️ I'm so sorry I couldn't do much this time, but here's your first surprise. So the following is a poem in which each stanza is an individual Haiku poem. Also the first letter of each stanza will form a word (like Acrostic) which is a clue to the second surprise. So enjoy!!! I hope you'll love it ♥️

    I love you so much :')

    Happy birthday ♥️


    Adrift amidst dark
    In the meadow of messy stars
    Searching for home

    Tireless, yet breathless
    I paused to take rest awhile
    On an asteroid

    Holding onto hope
    In that freezing emptiness
    It felt so fragile

    Orbiting the space
    Around Jupiter and Mars
    Getting all dizzy

    Underneath silence
    I heard something approaching
    My nauseous self

    Swift as a comet
    You came, riding a spaceship
    My stellar sailor

    At the very first glance
    Of you, 'O Captain! My Captain'
    I was paralyzed

    Not knowing anything
    I just stood there, all clueless
    Staring stupidly

    Dumbfounded, I begun
    Walking towards the warmth of
    Your magnetic gaze

    Your eyes shone brighter
    Than all the surrounding stars
    Witnessing your light

    Eager to touch you
    I cupped your face in my hands
    Caressing your skin

    And right there, after
    All the wandering, I found
    My last jigsaw piece

    Realization struck
    As I rediscovered the
    Universe I call home!


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