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    Time was running out and my vision started to get blurry . I had to save Dad, I couldn't let him die!


    what's this noise? No, I couldn't be distracted. I knocked my mom with a wooden piece and ran as fast as I could.


    I saw dad , his face drowned in blood ..



    I wake up with my head spinning . It took me a moment to realize that I stink of medicines and I'm in hospital.
    I hear the footsteps of my mother outside the room, how can I forget that sound. Her footsteps are disrupted by the voice of a man who is dressed as lawyer.

    "Since It's been two years Mr William Smith is dead and the reason of his death is unknown . Finally investigation has stopped. So now you have the full custody of Abarrane"

    My mother gave him a warm smile and as she enter room, a guy dash into her and run towards me, hugs me tightly and asks, "Remember me.. I'm Alec..its been two years since you were in coma"

    I nod my head and as I try to tell him that my mother killed my father, none words come out of my chapped lips. I clench my hands in anger. I try to speak again and I cannot. I try yet again and fail.

    I look at mom, she smirks behind Alec. My heart crushes and tear droplets make their way through my eyes. Mom runs to me , holds my hand with sadness,"Abarren sweetheart, mom is so sorry to tell you that you can never speak again."

    My whole world just shattered in numerous pieces-

    *THE END*



    @_aesthete_ Mihiiiiii ,our whole team is so so glad that you came up with this challenge and we all could write together. We all just cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH. We had such a great time writing together and it was all because of YOU .


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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