• rani_shri 16w

    For the first time I'm trying the sonnet on you.

    Wishing you a happy birthday my Fae.. My Darling Lady.. God bless you.������������������������

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    The Carolyn Glackin Sonnet

    Caring of her is just like a mother.
    A lady with the best soul and the heart.
    Relief of my problems, if they bother.
    Obviously she will not go apart.

    Lovingly she always motivates me.
    Yes, she is my all time inspiration.
    Never lets me go down the nicely she.
    God too feels proud with his such creation.

    Lightens a fresh and all new path of hope.
    Always remains the happy point of mine.
    Calmly, she always teaches how to cope.
    Knowledge of her is like something divine.

    I always get frightened to lose my Fae.
    Nevertheless she must gonna be stay.