• annrita 119w

    Loving you

    I barely know
    Yet i love every inch of your soul
    I hardly know
    Yet i can imagine you right before my very eyes
    I am complete knowing your my future
    I am loving you even before i know you
    Your very existence gives me chills
    Holding on to the hope that i will see
    You gives me so much Joy
    You are my prayer every single day and night
    You are my eternal love sent from above
    I cant wait for you to find me
    For he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord
    You are a part of my destiny
    And i will be right here working in my purpose till you find me
    I will be true and faithful to you
    Trusting that God will keep you safe
    I will focus on seeking the lord till he leads you my way
    For you and i are meant to be and nothing can come between the eternal love pre destined before us.