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    A grand day to blow off
    The bundles of green notes
    In the air
    For a famous folktale
    Which passed more than
    2000 golden jubilees
    Two different genders are the sacred
    Offerings in this synthetic ceremony
    What does wealth have to do
    With the institution of mutual understanding?

    Thousands of cards
    With two emboldened names and
    A couple of pedigrees
    For inviting people
    To ornament the dressed up chairs
    With kilograms of flesh and fabric
    These sheets of paper are luxurious meals
    To the dustbins located in various locations
    What does a card have to do
    With the mismatched souls?

    A garland throwing play is arranged
    on the podium
    where some wanna run ;
    Few wanna stay
    A decorated cuboid is fully packed
    With particles called as human beings
    To make this stage performance
    As an interesting topic
    In tomorrow's tittle-tattles
    What does a stranger have to do
    With unsynced hearts?

    Different cuisines are prepared
    To zip the oscillating orchestras
    Silver-spoon upbringings' taste buds
    Need to be satisfied
    To hail about this man made auspicious event
    This grand buffet is enough
    To feed half of the city
    What does gastronomy have to do
    With unhealthy relationship?

    The attendee who has the price tag
    With infinite zeros
    shine as the celebrity in the ceremony
    Family's fame is calculated
    By the numbers of VIPs
    In an unit area of the hall
    Hundreds of dollars
    wrapped by kaleidoscopic sheets are piled up
    And resting in the corners of room
    What does an expensive gift have to do
    With unfed longings of two different minds?