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    There's a salvation when,
    your feet don't long to melt in
    the footsteps of chaos and
    you share this breathing space
    word by word on a blank leaf.
    A home you made,
    a temple it looked;
    where whole universe is draped
    in an explicit cloak of a rhyming

    There were times when,
    the world was painted in green
    except for the blue skies and
    sapphire oceans, where we made
    love in epilogues of rainbow and
    loosened-letters called stars of
    Moon did brightened,
    twilight borrowed some hues;
    when the geometry of our souls
    was drawn amidst the syllables
    of a beautiful poetry.

    There's a closet opening in
    my arms, of flowers that smell
    of hope and books that read
    self-worth when sunshine wraps
    around me and clouds leak pride.
    A wound I kissed,
    It bloomed into a rose;
    where scars are sown and raised
    as strength into the empty spaces
    of a free-versed poetry.

    There's peace in silence when,
    the words turn down to ashes
    but are still sung upon in poems
    admired by each passerby.
    A dream you weaved,
    a beauty that flourished;
    where the midnight rustle of leaves
    and the blow of air is treasured
    in the collection of poetry, and
    in a touch of moment with ink
    I understood,
    Everyone becomes a poet.

    This is perhaps the #end of me :)

    @writersnetwork it is never late to mend right? Thank you ❤️

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