• _firefly 12w

    When my fingers forget art, spring blooms
    bringing hopeful scents of daffodils,
    and the fragrant orbs floating in the air,
    heal all the wounds my heart carries.

    When roses outgrow the thorns, spring blooms
    painting plum serenity over the sunsets,
    and I steal the rainbows from the sky
    to paint colours over my bland soul.

    When humans forget humanity, spring blooms
    teaching lessons of patience through
    butterflies and fireflies, breaking out
    of their cocoons and eggs.

    When this poet forgets poetry, spring blooms
    embedding metaphors over pastel clouds
    and tree blossoms sprint with joy,
    bringing home crimson shades of love.

    ~ nature is a bliss and humans cannot even revert back one cent of what it does for us.