• maiatamarain 20w

    Happy new year! (✿^‿^)

    Just a little reminder for the people out here (especially for the new ones(welcome。◕‿◕。))

    I wrote few things and I know these things bothers everyone so it's just to tell you that's it's okiee.

    By the way I hope this year brings all of you a lot of joy and happiness!!

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    I know what hurts the most ... when you write something really worth it but it doesn't get much appreciation... it happened with me quite a lot of time and I used to think that's the feeling of "I died a thousand deaths" XD ... it's okie that piece where you penned down your feelings doesn't become useless you know what magic it holds and sometimes it's enough.... if you want people to read your write up tag them simple... Writers here would like to read you as well as will give you honest feedbacks and will even point out where you should improve.

    //abhi toh start hi kiya hai dheere dheere Sab Kuch achieve karlenge aur kya//
    When I was a newbie I really used to think why I'm getting less likes, reposts and have so less number of followers but it's okie you see everything takes a little time... I know all of us feel sad because of this but you gotta tell yourself that soon slowly slowly you are going to reach your destination.

    All of us are here with some unique writing talents.. Your write ups really have something in them so why to feel jealous of others(it's okieee to be sometimes) but don't let it control your mind and then get into some useless depression of "I'm not that good not of that level"... everyone starts with minute steps easy words but as one starts learning he/she improves more and more... so never stop writing pen down whatever you feel I bet you're gonna feel relaxed after clearing up your mind.... My first words were "may I live may I die may your blessings make me high" a silly poem I wrote to God(人 •͈ᴗ•͈) that's when I came to know that maybe if I try I'll be good at it.

    Some of us even feel sad when we don't get tagged somewhere (you know what I'm trying say) but let me tell you it's okie it doesn't define your presence... of course you matter so no need to think about that a lot just SHAKE IT OFF┌(★o☆)┘..... and those of you think that you don't have friends here just go and drop a "hi" on anyone's comment box you'll surely get a reply... by the way this isn't a socialising app but it's okie to talk sometimes like I do└|∵|┐♪ (when you talk to someone on any topic you get ideas and then you can write about that i promise the result will turn out to be something amazing(。•̀ᴗ-)✧).

    If you anytime need help for something .... like in your poetries people here are too kind they'll surely help you! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

    (I guess I'm done with my philosophical thoughts now I'm going to do my maths assignment 'cause here in India students get homeworks even for winter holidays ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ)