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    30 Aug 2021 11.05 am

    Writing brings me peace nothing else :^)

    Ahh thank you so much @writersnetwork ��
    Something good after something bad ��
    Happy SriKrishna Jayanthi everyone..❤️
    Thank you so much for EC ��

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    Love Beaut Hope & Peace


    Love is that spell 
    That envelopes every realms
    Traverse every medium unapologetically
    Unearths gems of everlasting souls 
    Lustrous Orgel Vouchsafing Eternity 


    Tears were turquoise shooting stars
    Heartaches were crimson roses 
    Beauty of the spirit breathtaking 
    Lily-laced heart under lilac-skied bod
    Beaut Embrace Aura - Unique Treasure


    Hope persists to be 
    An ephemeral twinkle
    Faith must enhance it 
    To an eternal flame 
    Heralding Optimistic Persistent Enthusiasm


    Patience embodies purity
    Ecstasy of offering oneself
    Art of soul healing skeletons 
    Carving a smile on hearts 
    Penchant Envisioning Ambience Cultivate Elation