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    Write an Elfchen poem
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    Elfchen, a German form of poetry,, consists of five lines and 11 words.

    First line: 1 word, Second line: 2 words
    Third line: 3 words, Fourth line: 4 words
    Fifth Line: 1 word

    The first verse gives a noun. This can be an object, a smell, a mood or a theme.

    The second verse describes the word from the first verse somewhat more precisely. What makes this word, how is it, or is it not?

    In the third verse, the single word from the first line is examined again. We answer the question of where the word is or how the word is.

    The fourth verse is about our own thoughts. What do we think about the word from the first line or what do we mean?

    The fifth verse forms a summary, answering the question as to what can be the result of the previous questions.

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    sinking depths…
    choked other colours…
    fog surrounds my mind…
    - Seema Tabassum