• branchjones 53w

    I have found a Valley
    Between Mountains made of lies
    My misery craves company
    But none here do I find

    Grotesque light shines in the Valley
    Nowhere left to hide
    Now I am in the shadow
    Of the death of my disguise

    Surely I'm alone
    From the Valley some have climbed
    But in the Valley I've found bones
    Of those who never tried

    I know the Valley deep
    I know the Valley wide
    I know the path to freedom
    I know the truth's my only guide

    Deceit it weighs me down
    Defeat is on my side
    So I must leave the Valley
    Or in the Valley shall I die

    At the top of that mountain
    There's a place I can reside
    For my tongue I must resign
    With my feet I must decide

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    Between Mountains