• squared 18w

    I am
    writing few words
    which were supposed
    to fit within your cold tears.

    Only when
    you'll remember
    this old version of art,
    who knew to cry with her
    words and laugh with her fears.

    Know that
    I was some she
    with odd calamities
    mourning for the freedom
    of my voice from caged melancholy.

    I remember
    every fall of war
    making my feeble soul
    smoke limitless heat of fatality,
    knowing I am the beast of my own night.

    I ain't burning,
    I am fevered with fraud
    flame of lies they flowered
    against me with eulogies, you know
    how dramatic it is to weep and smile?

    Atleast you,
    you would have not excused
    the crackling voice of my glassed
    emotions? I know i was decorated
    with scars when my poetry asked for beauty.

    Those days
    when my smile twinkled
    few dews of belief for the darkness
    I defined myself as a, fancied omen of hope.

    But now
    with every period of partial fate,
    I wish to die and send my soul towards
    the sky to let my essence breathe immortality.

    I am complete with
    darkness, let me obey
    the purpose of light by leaving
    my verse within every spark of midnight.


    Ps: “You”, represents the star here.


    Damn, gracias for the EC.
    Thankyou so much @miraquill team for featuring my words, obliged.

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    somedays, I wish
    to surrender my poetries to the stars
    so if i die tomorrow, my words shall stay immortal forever.