• illicit_skunk 13w


    there's a valley of unseen flowers in full bloom.
    there are seamlessly unending green fields
    with not a soul to be seen.
    a dark grey shroud
    of rain-bearing clouds
    and cold winds;
    a hitch-hiking poet in October
    meets another
    and then they go their separate ways
    so that they can keep writing verses,
    so that they can keep meeting each other there;
    but not here.
    "you won't understand," they tell me.
    of course, i won't.
    to understand, one needs to know
    and to know, one needs to experience.
    i have always been robbed clean of mine
    by the vain matriarchal pursuit
    of a generational, superimposed dream.

    the Indian dream is the American dream
    if dreamt of
    with the rigid, orthodox conceptions shed.
    it can't be said whether foeticide is worse
    than belittling and strangling a demi-adult's
    opinions, aspirations and freedom.
    responsibilities are to be taken like an adult
    but you shall be chided like a child.
    privacy doesn't exist
    in the otherwise secretive household
    and each eye turns blind
    to the surface level abstinence
    of an average trickster.

    the collective consciousness
    (that is nearly absent in a third world country)
    allows access to the central processing unit
    from several terminals simutaneously.
    the globe is circular
    suggesting that the heavens don't lie above,
    for 'below' and 'above' are subjective terms
    and the devil becomes the god
    with due alteration of details.

    but there is a valley of unseen flowers in full bloom
    and i shall wait here
    to see more hitch-hiking poets meet and part ways
    as they leave a longing in me;
    a longing to drop the pretense
    because time
    (despite being considered a hypothetical social construct),
    will drag me away
    into the realm of the deceased
    and that will be done easily
    as a result of me being a transcendental hotchpuck
    wearing a subconscious, paranormal cloak
    to switch and escape realities.