• blinking_lenity 16w

    W(ee/a)ding Life

    I walk in the field of wildflowers
    to let my worth smell of intoxication
    for roses don't make rush in me
    dopamine, from the day I replaced
    satchel with bottled heart.
    Every time I inhale, a whiff runs in
    my blood of insobriety, of diesel-ed
    smoke, of flickering seasons, of
    entranced breaths and inconspicuous

    I bask upon the scented meadow,
    paying no heed to familiar faces in the
    crowd who surged in my life as
    dreadful flood when my heart was a
    paper boat. Only if I've known not to
    draw in a single breath of wildflowers,
    I'd not dare to touch them in
    anticipation, I'd not dare to consume
    temporary sucrose but lifelong poison.

    I walk and walk till I reach afar from
    this noxious field but life is a
    tenacious companion out of all the
    weeds I should've known, from the
    time I've birth-marked my existence.
    I seep into life little by little, I glide
    my bones over its epilogue, the traces
    of age and growth splashes over
    my crumpled skin and I wonder why
    I keep holding hope more than
    I hold myself in such a deathly realm.

    #lifecycle not exactly.

    @mellow_wings since you asked me to write ♡

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    Life keeps pushing me in dirty rains and surreal monsoons,
    and death waits for me to get plugged to its stainless harpoon.