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    Day 13

    Dear stranger,
    You know lately i was having a conversation with my dad about same old generation gap and i said "you know papa the world has changed now, its too tough here society sucks and you were lucky to grew up in good old days " and after i was done blabbering he said "world has never changed even a bit, its all the same people have changed society is nothing but us at the end of the day, we have became insensitive towards others, we ourselves are responsible for making survival tough, there was no such thing as golden era it was always about golden hearts " He smiled and left the conversation. And today I'm thinking about it over again and again thats yes that's how things are really. People around us, with us they make our world sometimes happier or mostly hell. You know all my life till date I have seen people come and go. Some merely promised to stay and some really did.

    You know there could be no divisions in homosapiens for sure but i still think there are two types of people first those who claim to love you and others those who really love you. There's no in between. Family friends relatives partners colleagues cousins omg!! So many people out there are actually taking up space in our lives and we are knowingly unknowingly actually shaped and nurtured in certain way under their influence. But i guess there needs to be a fullstop, an actual realization of who's important,
    Today look around and see who is still there, still there to hold you in your weakest moments,to cry with you to celebrate with you, to live laugh with you. Look around they are your people and don't be disheartened if you can count those numbers on your tips cause those who left were never meant to stay. They left and it was their choice, they could have stood with you, fought for you but they never did and that's how you should remember them.

    We're actually growing up in era of heartbreaks the more sad your pfp, playlist and feeds are the more cool and happening your life is. Happiness and smiles are underrated and its truth. No offence to anyone but its high time we start cherishing what we have, we start caring for the people who cared for us, adore the people.
    All the times when we said the meanest things, did the rudest things ever, throwed tantrums, cried our heart out, or spilled our secrets,all the times when we revealed our worst demons when we trusted them all those people who really stood with us in all those times are real ones, rare ones. Its high time we appreciate their love.
    Its high time we stop crying for ones who left, its high time to actually move on. Take love and spread love someone out there is really wishing for your good.
    Go adore them before they choose to abandon you!!

    Zindgi ek safar hai suhana yha kl Kya ho kisne jana ��❤
    -hopenotes_here ❤ #strangersays


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    Dear stranger,
    What's one selfless thing you did for others and really felt good after that?