• ___7___ 13w

    Pity how you fish out meanings so mighty
    from my simple words.
    Pity how you lay them stoically in stacks
    on your heavy heart.
    God forbid you might even spot my state
    hanging from the devil's harness
    like a deadweight upon a tender glitch.
    While in reality behind my ever so shady
    thousand layered twitching darkness
    there's just an idiot, fiddling with the light switch.
    Pity how after every poetry uncounted for
    your lips quiver
    and your tongue thrusts a word back
    into your tempted throat.
    Pity how we are busy invading each other's stories
    overlooking the ones
    our skinfold holds
    as reality pushes Alice down the rabbit hole.

    _Saltine crackers for upset stomachs