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    So here is the next part �� I hope you like it ���� it's kinda big �� please read it full ����

    The whole way I was tensed. When I eventually arrive at the office I saw her secretary, Mrs Duckely.
    "You are here. What took so long to come here? She is waiting inside."

    When I open the door I enter a large room filled with Beautiful mahogany furnishings and plush armchairs. The burgundy walls are decorated with massive portraits of earlier principals and framed photographs of past year Twelve classes. Trophies line the floor to the celing shelves.
    Ms Walsh is seated at her desk, her head down as she continues writing. She motions at me to take a seat on the plain chair beside desk. She does this without looking up. I tiptoe across to the chair, then sit down on the edge. After half a minute she Stops writing.
    "There is a inter-school debating competition. I guess Mr Pearse might have told you."
    "Ahemm!! I don't know about it. It's Mr Pearse class going on right now."
    She looks uncomfortable and leans back in her leather chair.
    "Are you going to participate? I would be happy if you participate."
    "Umm... I'm happy to hear it, that you want me to participate. If you want then I will."
    "Good! I knew you will. I guess you are not that naughty, mischievous and arrogant kiara I know."
    "Yehh!! I want to focus on my studies. And I was not mischievous before too!! I'm sorry to speak but why do you think of me in that way. I know you are angry from me but it's a misunderstanding...."
    "Ahemm!! You may go now!! Let's not talk about past things. Here you go. Now have a wonderful day and I will speak to you soon."

    I end up entering English with everybody comfortably seated. I close the door behind me, lines of faces staring up at me from their desks. Mr Pearse is standing at the front of the class. His eyebrows are raised and his hands folded across his chest, he taps his fingers against his arms impatiently.
    "Kiara! Do you want to take part in debating competition?"
    "Umm.. I already had a chat with Ms Walsh. I'm in." I said hesitating.

    I reached home around three o'clock. I went to kitchen to have some food as I was too tired.The door bell rings. I went to open the door. The person continuously rang the bell.
    "Ahh!! Don't you have patience!! Rude brat!!"
    When I opened the door I saw Aunt Olivia.
    "Umm... Good evening auntie!"
    "Good evening! To whom you were calling rude brat??"
    "Nothing auntie. I was on the call with Josh. I was saying it to him."
    "No problem! You both study now. I'll come to pick you around seven o'clock."
    "Yeh!! Mom. Not to hurry you can come as you are comfortable." Robin says.
    I saw Mrs Vaselli standing outside while we were talking.
    "Hi! Mrs Vaselli." I wavy at her. But this time she didn't ignore me but gave me a smile.
    "What happened to her? She is sick?" I was talking to myself.
    "Oyee!! Let's go inside." Robin says me.
    "Mmmm.. get in!"
    "So, what are we going to study today??" He asks joyfully.
    "What is going on in your mind? Why you want to study with me?"
    "Ahh!! Don't be like this. You only said that you are good at studies that's why!! I thought if I study with you I will score good."
    "Okk!! If you don't get good marks then don't blame me." I said angrily.
    We went to my room. While I was taking out my books I was Robin sitting quietly on the bed.
    "Something happened to you? Are you sad? Anything is bothering you?" I asked suspiciously.
    "Nothing like that! Why are you asking me this?"
    "You look so quiet today that's why? You always bark around but today you are sitting silently."
    "Ohh!! Nothing like this."
    While we were studying my phone rings.....
    To be continued............

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