• taraprasenna 27w

    @_charlie__ I've always wanted to write this but never got the true self to do. Here's the gift for you're long ago completed birthday. The least I can do is write for you, right?

    Anyways, belated belated belated happy birthday kitty, stay safe, and take care. Be happy ��

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    Dear Kitty,

    When I start to think about you,
    I am completely mesmerized by your savage aura,
    While I'm really veracious that I loathe people being sassy,
    Maybe except you, cause I adore you.

    I don't know why but it feels like you're near me,
    Yet it didn't seem far away,
    Indeed love never fades deeply Inside me,
    When there's a piece of you in everybody's soul.

    Definition of Sushmitha,
    Indeed savageness all embedded within her.