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    "let's make a door in your heart,
    Open the door and this place will await
    It's okay to believe, the magic shop will comfort you"
    The song called "magic shop" by bts, one of my all time favorites... Not just the music but the lyrics and the melody is just everything.. A very beautiful song indeed.. And came out so well with the hardworking boys... They deserve everything

    A shaped piece of magic
    A sheen at the door
    Inexplicably comforting
    It's an ingenious insight

    Not just music,
    It's an interface
    From you, to your heart
    It's a melody, incredible

    Times when you're wretched
    Or abhorred, everything you did
    Those days where you saw things pessimistic
    Or the weeks you hung out low

    Seeking your gaeity, through the magic shop
    Your contented soul, or the heavy heart
    A moment where nothing said,
    But your state, had it clear

    The way you'd colour your world
    Or tinge your grey, to your blue
    The way you'd array your knit-up stars,
    Is the way, you seek your world, to be

    It's okay to be somber
    It's okay to have dispondent nights disquiet you
    When you're sentimentally agonized
    Or mismatched your interlaced thoughts

    Hold your heart
    Imbue the aurora
    Seek for the magic shop
    Scented as petrichor, set idyllic

    Feeling low is just lost,
    Look into your magic shop

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    Magic shop
    A immensely beautiful piece of art
    Brought ahead, by bts