• _astitva_ 25w

    �� Happiest Birthday Beautiful Benediction ��

    I will always remember the day when you started reading and complimenting my scribblings which were not so good but still your words always inspired me in these days as if I'm already a writer. Then I started reading you and really I used to keep a diary with me while reading your posts, I used to note down words and then I googled them reading it again to get essence of it. Yeah, it took sometime but really I was always left in awe and respect for your thoughts and quill. It's always thousand times more than worth doing that excercise. I learnt a lot whether it's alliterations, vocabulary or the grave topics you choose to voice which remain silent in darkness of our souls. Everything is inspiring always. Or I should say whatever I'm today in the dimension of writing much of the credit goes to you. A magical witch who mesmerizes everyone with their works making a wrapper like Van Gogh's welkin, putting up the voice of suppressed women as storm or the oldest book shop revealing the history of literature, a candle melting hearts. You're best everytime and too modest to accept it. When I used to read at nights there were always reposts by you in my feed sections and every new writer or old is blessed with your inspiration and heartfelt comments. I'm blessed to have your decipherence of my works in comment section which are more amazing than the scribbling itself. An amazing human, kind soul, humourous witch, dance lover, sarcastic seraph, a jar of sweetness and much more you are!

    You're profound in both English and Urdu. I can't be as good as you but I gave a try on this special occasion ��

    Shabnam-e-ilham si seheron ko bhigati hui

    Aatish-e-Shaiz si shabon ko jagamagati hui

    Nafs-e-nawaazish ik inaayat har agyar par

    Aashnaa-e-ahbaab buni hui sitaaron ke shahkar par

    Moutza wo kagaz ko maseeha bnati hui

    (Khuda ka ik farishta hayat ko muqaddas banati hui)

    Many many happy returns of the day @fromwitchpen ��

    Thank you so much for existing Sanam ��

    I owe you for so much and can never thank you enough ��

    Have a blast on your birthday ��

    Keep smiling always and Keep waving your magical wand to bless the Cosmos with your magical masterpieces ��

    And I'm here requesting you to never feel low. You are the incarnation of inspiration and please keep on writing, your quill matters much more than you think and so do you ��

    I'm always all ears to you ��

    May Allah bless you with every best thing of the Universe ��

    Have sacks of cakes and chocolates ��

    Parcel some of them for me here also ��


    Bhot ho gyi sweetness or tareef or mai nahi chahata ki isse tumhe 4 din bhukh na lge to now it's the time for ENO ��

    Khoob sari biryani khana rayte ke sath aaj jab tak khud uski rooh na aa jaye ki bas kardo ab to ��

    Or haan wo khopadi mein hi khana, khoon ka intezam to kar hi liya hoga tmne as drinks and ha b'day party mein Dj to Dhinchak Pooja hi hogi pakka and break the floor on Jalebi bai. Talented log ��

    Tareef hazam ho jayegi ��

    And mjhe baksh dena mera khoon chudailon ki health ke liye achha nahi ��

    Janamdin Mubaraq ��

    Sara saal khushiyon or tumhari hasi se bhara rh, khoon kabhi kam na pde or jadui gole mein mera bhavishya dekhke bta dena bina paise liye ��

    Satay Nashay karti rho hmesha or zindagi tumhari blah se bhari rhe ��

    Gift me zyada kuch nahi ek khoon se bhara pyala hai BG mein pi liyo or mauj kariyo ��

    Baki ye hai khoon ki barish khaali pyala bhr lena fir se ��


    Ab mai nikal rha wrna jhadu hi jhadu pdenge mjhe




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    Happiest Birthday Queen of Alliterations (‍♀️)

    An aesthetic assertion of articulations alliterating
    Black beakers of blue blood beholding brooms of belief
    Caparisoning city of Quaid, conveying cwtch of confidence
    Dripping delicacies of dearness dipped in discophile douceur
    Elegantly emancipating ennui entwined in eikonologic elflocks
    Felicificative flacon fragranting farrago in a factitious familistery
    Ghalib’s ghazals as gelid gusts in geoid garth of Gangetic gilliver
    Hypnotic horcrux of hope healing hearts as hippocras and hora
    Insomniac incarnation illuminating incipient inks with inspiration
    Jacinthe juvenescent janitrix jugging jingles of jnana jubilance
    Kermes kaftan of kindness kayaking kakkorrhaphiophobia
    Lygophilic lychnobite luminating life of learners as luna
    Mysterious mistral melting as monsoon of macarism
    Nepenthe nectar in nocuous nights of November
    Octastich of optimism oozing ontal orisons
    Personification of parnassian panacea
    Queen of quills
    Xfers xo
    Ziraleet’s zounds in zendik