• sai_dot__ 36w

    • Cadence •

    Stood shuddered in the coldest weather
    While the random coarse fingers abruptly silt through the curves,
    The strong goddess of erotica was immersed in the notion of fear.
    As the dreadful hand moved downwards
    Disgust and disgrace was vigour, surpassed the flow of a gory river.
    All set, ready for death.

    In no span, the melodious face was taken off, ohh snap'

    Upheld by the wild fingers, quickly dunk into his pocket.
    was surprisingly placed closely to his warm chest.
    The beautiful rose bud stayed safe in his bolster
    Sadly beheld it's home droop and fall by the Strom forever.

    Sooner did it decipher,
    If every she was a rose bud, not every he was a disgrace to her uterus. Oh and he's the gracious!