• namia28 76w

    Do not look for love in my writeups
    You won't find it
    I buried it alongside my last relationship
    I'm unable to think of moons and stars and roses and honey when I think of love
    All it reminds me of the terrible ache and the emptiness that accompanied me on my solo nights
    Tears falling like pearls on my lap
    I've given so much to love that I can't bear it anymore
    Because when love doesn't give back what you give to it
    Your heart turns stone cold in the process
    So much so that the next time I got flowers on my doorstep I buried them in the backyard
    Right next to the scraps of promises he had whispered in my ears
    Do not look for love in my writeups
    I've burnt all the remainders
    And swallowed mouthful of ashes
    Choked my own mouth so I couldn't scream his name
    My heart is still healthy and beating strong
    It just doesn't beat for no one but me.