• kingdomdelight 19w

    Heart-felt night 'nd moonlight kisses

    Moonligh holy kisses 'nd heartfelt night
    Makes me a timetraveler
    to the core of crimson red, heartfelt rhythms
    where diamonds fell,
    upon the black velvet dark night
    enlighten sky, dances
    with a galaxy show of letters written
    while fireflies keep guard
    under the big oak of deep written stories
    A traveler's bag, I unpack with delight
    the moon mine flashlight
    childlike I write, "Oh, Heavenly Father
    You're the One, Who adores me, the most
    I'm the apple of thine eye
    I'm the newly sent letters
    Blessing 'nd Favour, in thou big Father's heart"
    Thou adorable kisses, rain down on me
    I giggle and lay in awe,
    on mine heavenly Father's lap of love
    For mine Father, knows mine heart best
    His the Creator of all
    The One who writes daily,
    letters, on His little childrens, Heart
    "Oh, Father hear me,
    as I just in awe
    sent a kiss Your way!"
    Oh, how thou loves me,
    while I pack mine travelin' bag
    with all Your love letters,
    love,mercy, goodness,grace,hope, peace
    All the good news, I have to joyfully share
    Cuz there is still a world out there ...
    Who still needs to know ...
    God loves you‚̧

    6 Jan 2022