• daphnae 39w

    I really don't know what it means.

    From A to Z leaving X... I couldn't... I am sorry. I love poetic devices. #alliteration #wod @writersnetwork

    Thank you for all the love you guys showered. Going on a little break tonight. Take care peeps. I'll miss you.

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    Attacking the attic along my ally
    Beaming the light I barely bore.
    Crushing candies which clutched my childhood
    Daunting doves, driving drunk
    Espy the eclipsed enemy
    Forging flauntless flowers from the forest
    Grovelling genres which graved the grace
    Had them hidden, holding high and far.
    Irking ink in intoxicant I itched
    Jazz playing through the jealous January
    Kids kissing kites of kinds
    Lasting through the lovable lie
    Mourns meandering with morning muse
    Nothing but the nerving neighs.
    Over oceans, over orotunds
    Promising pristine plates of people
    Quoting questions quick and quiet
    Rivers roaring rough rumours
    Stealing stains from the stars
    They tremble towards the trust
    Until utopia ushers runs out.
    Voicing vows varying volumes
    Whining, withering, wintery words
    Yearning years you yawned
    Zephyrs of zilch zooming zero off.