• jeelpatel 8w

    Flowers and fruits

    Sun doesn't draw you to cities and shores
    So daisies of demise die, in harden'd lands
    Death lives long in other's honest graveyard
    When thou crave her for an unseen escape
    For, she demands fighters and not runners

    Smash pomegranates on thy white clothes
    That's how you bleed, vessel bursting pain
    But red of roses, never show red of danger
    Stains get stuck, so inner world of survival
    Pain goes unconsoled, sufferin' will shakes

    Poppies in cottage garden, hypnotize thou
    But false hope is dangerous than pessimism
    Mindfulness confines, in soft predicaments
    Thou fall harder in folds, and get lost in 'em
    No way to find thyself again, to bloom again

    Mangoes are high on massacre of her lovers
    So you don't praise, her sweet yet sour taste
    As world often underestimate selfless love
    Reason of diseas'd world, of mental trauma
    And loneliness you harbour, forced self love

    With every passing day, we ache little more
    Flowers of joy, fruits of juices all are poison'd
    Helping hand of nature, throws fury in reward
    Warmth of humanity fades, cold hearts beat
    It's true, life is a barren field frozen with snow