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    So here is the next part �� I hope you like it �� it's kinda short���� because I didn't had any idea

    While we were talking someone opened the door. It was Lara, my senior.
    "Lara!! I was talking about you right now!!" I said happily, hugging her.
    "Lara!!" She said narrowing her eyes.
    "I mean Senior Lara."
    "No problem!! You can call me Lara. You are my favorite junior!"
    "Ahh!! I know. You don't need to tell me."
    "Umm... Why did you fight with Clarie??"
    "Mmm.. you got to know about it!! She is the one who mess with me."
    "Okk! Fine. Let's talk about debate competition!! Ms Walsh told me to take care of it."
    "Yupp!! Let's see!!"
    "What if we call every student who is in. And take individual practice that will be helpful for us."
    "Yehh!! Great idea Lara!!" Senior Sam says.

    It's been a week, me and Robin didn't talk. It's not that I'm angry, it's because I'm busy with the debate competition. In English Mr Pearse announces the teams for the last two debating rounds. So far our Year Eleven team have won two out of three debates. I'm teamed up with Tracy and Josh and our names are down for the last debate, which is at the beginning of November, about a month away. Clarie, Rita and Martin are competing in the fourth round. I peek a glance at Tia. She is pouting angrily at Clarie and Rita.
    Josh, Tracy and I meet up at lunch time to start preparing our debate because we want to get it all out of the way so we're left to kill ourselves over our end-of-year exams when they come up. After 15 minutes, we finally end up discussing the debate and start preparing our speeches. Tracy and I get into about fifty-five arguments about the team line-up and theme until Josh tells us to shut up.
    Each of us has a practice run and we boss each other around with hints and tips until we've all pretty much established that we think we're top and know what we're on about.

    "Let's go to homeroom. Senior might be their. We must ask their opinion on this." I said as three of us are done!!
    "Yuppss!! Let's go." Both of them agreed.
    When we went Lara was already there.
    "Hey Girl!! Prepared everything." She asks me.
    "Yupps! Almost. Take my practice one time and tell me where I need to correct!!"
    "Yehh!! Sure. Three of you come one by one."
    We play rock-paper-scissors. Josh goes first, Tracy second and me last.
    "Ahh!! Why me. I always go last."
    " No problem!! You will get more time to prepare." Josh said.

    After Tracy and Josh are finished with their practice, now it's my turn.
    "Let's go!! Prepared everything." Lara asks.
    "Yupp!! Gonna rock!!'
    After she takes my practice and corrects me, we sit on the bench tired.
    "Ahh!! What a busy day!! I'm tired."
    "Yehh!! Kiara. It's too much."
    "I have no energy to do anything." I said leaping my head on the desk.
    "Yehh!! What to do?"
    "Let's sleep!! It's the best option."
    "What if Ms Walsh comes."
    "Ahh!! Don't mention her. I want to sleep."

    Me and Lara slept almost for two periods around 1 hour. When we wake up we saw senior Sam in front of us.
    "Had a good sleep!!"
    "Mmm... Feeling really good." I said with half opened eyes.
    "Then what next!! Anything left? Practice done!!"
    "Done!! Everything ready."
    "It's our last year." Senior Lara said.
    "Mmm... I'm sad. I won't be able to see you anymore in the school."
    "Yehh!! Me too. That small girl who came to me asking for an extra pencil!!"
    "Ahh!! That happened when I was in UKG. After that we became good friends."
    "Mmm... What about me?" Senior Sam asks.
    "Ahh!! You? I don't really remember!!"
    "Umm.. You forgot the most important person in your life!!"
    "Ahh!! We first met when I was in 1st standard and spill the water colour on you while going to art class and...."
    "Fine!! Don't mention more. Now you remember!! We became friends after that."
    "Yehh!! I'm a social butterfly!! Make friends easily but selective at the same time."
    "That's what I like about you is." Senior Sam says.

    While we were talking Josh comes inside.
    "Don't wanna come??"
    "For what?? Where??"
    "Legal class!! Forget."
    "Yehh!! Coming. Thanks. Nonetheless, sir will kill me!!"

    Josh asks me out of last period as we walk to legal class.
    "Look," .....
    To be continued......

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