• alltimefamished 19w

    I'm surely that kind, where I want love. But not physical. But that teenager kind. Those random text. Those talking for hours. Cheesy flirty lines. Missing me at work.

    Calling me in lunch hour, talking random stuffs, sharing hush-hush love you's. Bringing home a paper bag full of flowers. pretending to forget my birthday, and showing up at 12 with pizza and cake.

    Walking along as if you own me. Hand in hand. And stealing looks from corner of your eye. Walking late in the night and breaking the night lockdown rules.

    Holding the door for me. Pulling a chair. Ordering an extra ice cream with choco chips. Grabbing my bowl with your spoon. Fake commenting about my choice but feeling proud about your own.

    Watching our comedy show together, and falling asleep on the sofa. Brushing away chores on each other because tiredness is a boon.

    I want love and not the monetary love. I want you and not your assets. I want to be a part of your world, but not your world.

    I want to be your everything, and you be mine. Like together forever?