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    Ps : idk if it makes any sense.... I've just penned what I felt...if any mistakes pls let me know��❤️

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    ~I once congregated
    All the parts of expired poems
    And buried them in a spot of evil~

    So why I still stare deadly at those grave?

    //That chunks of bitterness
    Buried in that deep darkness
    Still laughing at my existing soul
    No where I'm stuck in that deafly presence
    Smiling at my own teary eyes//

    Why I hold back at every step moving ahead?

    //The fragments of every stanza
    Recalls me behind again
    Shouting screaming uttering high
    Losing my blood to walk ahead
    And it drags me back to tragic past//

    Why my hands go thru that deadly graved poems on and on?

    //My dead poems depicted a nightmare
    Giving me a devil smile throughout
    So I blindly search for memories
    To make my grave look as a beautiful past
    But I never succeed//

    ~I always cry...
    For my past being as a haunted puzzle
    Just ends as a mysterious box
    But I always tend to open it
    And my soul just gets lost
    In that presence
    And forgets to get back at right body~