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    Phew after a long time #safhaateghair

    This poem is about a person who keep sinning after asking for forgiveness, Pharaoh and Devil are trying to have a clandestine meeting with him and he shows himself as a pure person in front of people.


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    Waqf (وقف)

    Mabhoot kch yun hui hsratyn, andher hi mach gyi
    Rooh o ruwaan, firoun ke raaz m chupay, yun jali

    Samaaeen th ham, samaaeen th ham
    Or thraktay jisam th zauq ke gumbad

    Thapak k dil ko aas di, kch pal or phr maafi
    Wo chaoun jo buni th gunaho s, hai nakaafi

    Phr hwa kch yun, phr kch yun hwa k mabeen
    Zarb padi kal ko, jab bat hui bayan e haal ki

    Wo waqf hogy, anjan na ban saky apny kye s
    Wo waqf hogy, anjan na ban saky apny kye s

    Jab dar gaya dil or sach ki chinghari uthi
    Na bnda rha majazi, na ibless ki chli baazi


    Hankered-ache stunned in a way, everythin' roistered
    Soul and lint, camouflaged in secrets of Pharaoh, smouldered

    Audience we were, audience we were
    And swaying figures were cupolas of ecstasy

    Gave a hope by tapping heart, few seconds and then forgiveness
    The shadow one made by his sins, holds scantiness

    Suddenly it happened, and then something happened, among this all
    Yesterday walloped, when asked about today's statement

    Their steps halted, oblivious of their doings
    Their steps halted, oblivious of their doings

    When heart was afraid and truth flamed
    Nor man remain unreal, neither Devil's bet perennial.