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    Hey bhai ❤️ ( @rjd_creations )

    You know I am always and always grateful for your presence , for all your love and support. You are really an angel , a gem ❤️
    The way you care about me , understands me no one else does . You are the best... The bestest brother of this universe and being your sister is really really the most beautiful blessing.
    Thank you so much for always staying by my side... Thank you for giving me a new life ... Thank you for teaching me how to be selfless ... Thank you for loving me ,,,, Thank you for being my brother...
    I lovee youuu the most..
    And I will always stay by your side promise ❤️

    Your Di (✿^‿^)

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    Danke schön

    "You are strong"
    He whispers in
    His soothing voice
    When the black and
    Boisterous wintry
    Storms hits hard
    My maimed soul
    When azure aurora
    Turns caliginous
    He sings the melody
    Of optimism and
    Divine endorsement
    He is like goddam
    Amber fireflies
    Sparkling in the
    Precarious Eventide
    Rendering magical hopes
    He is beloved angel brother
    Enlightening my world
    He is a home full of
    Love and benevolence