• ruby16 88w


    Environment is beneficial
    If we fail to care 
    We would at point of critical
    Neglecting responsibility,I can't dare
    Seeing Nature is harm
    Will put me in tears

    Protecting Nature is our duty
    Preserve its beauty
    Until the next century
    Be mindful of the nature
    And the nature will give back for free

    Garbage,waste,litter Name it!
    The enemy we can never defeat
    Probably the common issue
    Made by the occupiers
    Me and my fellow

    Piles of garbage are thrown
    Advocate environmental action
    Let us minimize waste
    Turn it into compost pit
    Save the environment from pollution

    Rust on the machine,
    Fallen leaves on the window pane
    Many years have passed
    In the forest,cars are still stuck
    Abandoned by the owners
    Will they remember?
    I guess,never

    Put abandoned cars in use
    At least as useful residues
    Make the car a little garden 
    Garden that you've been dreamin'

    We're meant to swim in paradise 
    Not in the trash of surprise
    But seems like they are enjoying
    Building worries to these kids
    By the waste being fed

    Why do they have to do these?
    Letting their health at risk
    Do not contaminate bodies of water
    So,pollution would be over

    Isn't it so sad to think?
    That some of the sea creatures went extinct?
    They are giving us a sign
    I hope they're still be seen in our sight

    All the elements of the world
    Value them as possible as we could
    Do not let Natural Resources be ruined
    So that we will have a peaceful livin'